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Up to 2hours: £1000

(USD 1500, EU 1200)


Extra hours: £500

(USD 700, EU 600)


Dinner dates

Up to 4 hours: £1500

(USD 2200, EU 1800)

Up to 6 hours: £2000

(USD 2800, EU 2400)



Up to 14 hours: £3500

(USD 5300, EU 4000)

includes an evening out and sweet dreams.


 Up to 24 hours: £5000

(USD 6500, EU 5600)


Exclusive arrangement, international travel and

Social meetings:

(cultural and fine dining destinations). Please contact me.


Please let me know if you prefer to settle the account in any other currency instead of GBP.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within two hours before the meeting requested 100% of the fee.


Spoil me

I have been asked how I can be spoiled and my answer is always "Your wonderful company is all I desire." Nevertheless, if you wish to present me with a gift, please allow me to mention a few things that my heart desires :)


I love chocolate, truffles, flowers, candles, perfumes, cosmetics (Chanel, Dior and others) and couture lingerie ( Carine Gilson and La Perla ). I adore high-quality writing instruments, fine jewellery and watches. I really admire many pieces from Cartier. I have always had a preference for small quality ítems that I can keep forever.