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Up to 2 hours: £1000

Extra hour: £500


Dinner dates

Up to 4 hours: £1500

Up to 6 hours: £2000



Up to 12 hours: £3600.

Up to 14 hours: £4000.

Includes an evening out and sweet dreams.


Up to 24 hours: £5500


OTHER CURRENCIES ARE ACCEPTED, you may still be charged a 10% fee.


Exclusive arrangement, international travel, social meetings and couple.

Please contact me.


Cancellation & Deposit.

  *Same day cancelation: 100% of the fee is required to cover for my inconvenience.


*30 % deposit is expected to secure our encounter.

*Travel expenses are not included in the rates

Modelling Rates

Spoil me

I have been asked how I can be spoiled and my answer is always "Your wonderful company is all I desire." Nevertheless, if you wish to present me with a gift, please allow me to mention a few things that my heart desires and provide a few ideas on my wishlist link below. I love Roja Parfums (Chypre scents). I adore and collect high-quality writing instruments, fine jewellery (diamonds earrings) and watches. I deeply admire many pieces from Cartier and Patek Philippe. I have always had a preference for small quality ítems that I can keep forever.

Generosity melts my heart: www.wishlistr.com/carolinadelacruz/