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1) I will be on time

If our meeting is in a public location I will extend my hand and greet you warmly and politely.  


2) I will dress appropriately

If you invite me to a public destination, please let me know about the event and please feel free to suggest any request.


3) Proof of authenticity

 I will prove my authenticity wearing the outfit on my home page. Please feel free to ask me to bring any other one that you could really like from my gallery page. In addition you could look at:




2. My Verified P411 profile

3.My verified Slixa Ad.







4) Incidentals

Correct composure in public is essential. The world is so small, we don't know who could be in the same place. I will be prepared for that scenario too. Staying relaxed and friendly is the key.


5) In responding to your emails

You can be assured that I am the only person to ever see our correspondence. I do not have an assistant or third-party screening system. All the information provided will be treated with the utmost discretion.


Phone: +44 77 74 40 24 14



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I am delighted by your interest!! If it is your first time contacting me, please fill out the booking form. I will gladly accept the requested info via email. Please include all information required as appointment requests without the necessary details may be overlooked. It would be greatly appreciated if you give me as much notice as possible to arrange our meeting. NEW: [email protected]

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